Ditch Dieting.
Gain Confidence.
Discover Nutrition.

How I Can Help you Discover What it’s Like to Live Your Best Life!

DiscoveRD Nutrition Coaching

DiscoveRD Nutrition is a virtual 1:1 personalized coaching program that offers much more than just nutrition education. As someone who struggled with chronic dieting and poor body image, I know what it feels like to be lost, confused and lack complete self confidence. With all the fad diets and false information out there, it can be confusing on where to turn next. That’s why DiscoveRD Nutrition was created- to teach women like you that you no longer have to restrict to achieve your goals, you won’t have to give up the foods you love in order to lose weight and you won’t ever have to commit to another fad diet.

I understand that your journey is unique to you. My goal is to work with you to to break old habits and create new ones that support a healthy relationship with food and your body. I will support you every step of the way and hold you accountable in order to be the best version of yourself!


“You truly care and it made me feel safe. I felt like I was in the hands of someone who really wanted to help. You found practical ways to incorporate healthy habits into my lifestyle and I appreciate that you worked with me each week to help. It felt completely personalized.”

– Tasha C.

Nutrition Coaching

My Approach

Individualized Nutrition Approach

I understand that your nutrition needs to be tailored to your goals and your lifestyle. My goal is to work WITH you, never against you, to help get you to a place of loving your body and never feeling guilty about food again. This program will teach you how to eat, never what to eat- because all foods fit! We do this in a way that allows you to hit your goals without sacrificing your happiness.

Self-Care, Stress Management and Sleep Techniques

Each week we work to create healthy and sustainable habits that you can carry with you for a lifetime. That doesn’t just include nutrition, which is why we work together when it comes to finding forms of self-care and stress management that works for you in order to support an overall healthy lifestyle.

Accountability and Support

This program provides you with coaching calls every 7-14 days with weekly check ins, nutrition education when needed, and ongoing support from me. You will have 24/7 private messaging access to me through your exclusive online client portal. My goal is to always answer any questions you may have and continue moving the needle forward!

Community and Support

You will have access to our client group chat where you will get to share your wins and any questions you may have with other women who are a part of the program. You will also get access to my private Facebook group that provides nutrition education and continued support by me.

Nutrition Education

Each client receives PDF educational handouts tailored specifically to them and their goals. Throughout the program, I create recipes, make suggestions and encourage you to try new things that will help support your lifestyle and goals!

About Alexis

Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach

Hey there! I’m Alexis Pinto, your Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach at DiscoveRD Nutrition! As someone who’s struggled with poor body image for years and tried diet after diet, I understand what it’s like to feel lost, confused and have zero self-confidence. That’s why it’s my mission to help you get to a place where you no longer feel lost or confused. I understand that your nutrition needs to be tailored to your goals and your lifestyle. My goal is to work with you, never against you, to help get you to a place of loving your body and never feeling guilty about food again.


From Clients that Discovered How to Live Their Best Life

This program was much different than anything I’ve tried in the past. When I first started, I was expecting to be told what I could or couldn’t eat, and you never did that.

–Phillip S.

“You taught me how to learn to love my body again. I am finally at a place where I am more comfortable in my skin. I am also learning how to listen to my body daily.”

–Haley C.

One thing that I loved about this coaching program is how intimate and personalized it felt. Also, getting a new friend out of the deal is pretty sweet too.

– Arielle R.

I am able to eat foods without being scared of them. You helped me get my digestion back on track and help me heal my relationship with food. I also have so much more energy now and feel so much better overall!” 

– Sarah E.

I was able to find what it means to listen to my body. I really felt like you worked with me to incorporate realistic techniques and strategies that fit into my life to help me reach my goals.

– Alexis C.

“I liked how individualized the program was. I felt good each week knowing that we were working on new goals together “

– Meghan W.